Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby - Breaking News

I have it on very good authority that the latest silver spoon sprog is to be named Malachi Patrick Joseph Seamus, due to the overriding guilt felt by his parents over the way in which the monarchy shamefully acquired their land over the last few hundred years.

Yeah, I've been drinking. Two coffees and a large vanilla shake since my dinner. My bad.


  1. I have it from the best sources that young child will be called Máirtín Antóin Pádraig Stíobhaird the second! (And I'm 2379 in line to the throne!)

  2. Arise Máirtín Antóin Pádraig Stíobhaird the second and claim your rightful place amongst the world. Three wise Celtic men arrived earlier and are awaiting a suitable visiting hour seated at the bar of the Harp and Fiddler.

  3. Oh and what gifts they bring! :¬)

  4. Stopped by from Map's...glad to hear that, in spite of his one day rise to power and the throne, Map still keeps in touch with we, the little people. I can only speak for me...the family tree claims Irish genes but according to my height, I swear they came from a Leprechaun. ;)

    Thanks for not disliking all Americans. (I read back a few posts). Most of us are kinder, and infinitely smarter, than our Politicians..who start out okay, then go brain dead upon being elected.

    Have a great weekend!. (I too miss the Big Guy)